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Participating RVVA wineries and vineyards will be offering educational programs about our vineyards, wineries or wines.

There is NO charge for these educational programs.

Weekend Schedule


Saturday, April 22nd



Address in Ramona



10 am

Crystal Hill Vineyard

24067 E Old Julian Highway

Scott Warner

Starting a Vineyard:
Overview & Q&A

11 am

Lenora Winery

251 Steffy Ln

Eric Metz

How to Make Wine in 30 Minutes

12:30 pm

Ramona Ranch Vineyard and Winery

23578 Highway 78

Micole Moore


Master Falconer

Cisco Clibourne

Canopy Management:
Live Demo with Raptors to Protect Grapes

2:00 pm

Mahogany Mountain Vineyard and Winery

14905 Mussey Grade Rd

Kim & Michael


Year of Winemaking in the Vineyard

3:15 pm

Principe di Tricase Winery

18425 Highland Valley Rd

Alfredo Gallone

Making Wine Without Sulfites

4:30 pm

Highland Hills Vineyard and Winery

18545 Rangeland Rd

Rich McClellan




Sunday, April 23rd



Address in Ramona



11 am

Hellanback Ranch Vineyards and Winery

17287 Oak Hollow Rd

John York

Winemaking Boot Camp

11 am

Woof’n Rose Winery

17073 Garjan Ln

Stephen Kahle

Malolactic, the Secondary Fermentation

12:15 pm

Poppaea Vineyard and Winery

25643 E Old Julian Highway

John Saunders

Wine Chemistry

1:15 pm

Vineyard Grant James

25260 E Old Julian Highway

Susanne Sapier

Having An Integrated Oak Program in Your Winery

2:30 pm

La Finquita Winery and Vineyard

23123 Vista Ramona Rd

Charlie Koehler


Meredith Dow

Sensory Perception and Wine Tasting: Identifying the Scents in Your Glass

3:30 pm

Turtle Rock Ridge Vineyard Winery

18351 Woods Hill Ln

Ian Vaux

Vineyard Trellising

4:30 pm

Hatfield Creek Winery

1625 Highway 78

Norm Case

Critter Control


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